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Birds Britannia

30th October 2010

pic from the BBC website.

This week sees the start of Stephen Moss’ not to be missed BBC4 series Birds Britannia. Set out over four hour long episodes, it examines our native birds, bird lore and bird stories as well as our peculiarly British and complex relationship with these creatures that permanently surround us. It looks at the place that birds inhabit in our culture and our history and seeks thoughts and opinions from a lot of my favourite people including Jeremy Mynott, Tim Birkhead and Mark Cocker. This is a series that endeavours to capture just what it is about birds that engenders so much love, intrigue and loyalty from us and will be an essential programme to Sky Plus over the coming weeks. (Ceri Levy)

Wednesday 3 November: Garden Birds 9.00 BBC4
Wednesday 10 November: Waterbirds 9.00 BBC4
Wednesday 17 November: Seabirds 9.00 BBC4
Wednesday 24 November: Countryside Birds 9.00 BBC4

Read Stephen Moss on Birds Britannia.