Caught by the River

Happy Wedding Anniversary, Trevor & Hannah-Lou

18th October 2010

A little bird told me that today is Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou’s wedding anniversary.
After staking a place in our hearts with their performance at Port Eliot this Summer and wowing us with new songs at a recent Caught by the River Social Club it’s a pleasure to wish them a Happy Anniversary. If you are reading this guys, long may you run.
It also gives us a good excuse to post this ace picture of Hannah fishing for supper whilst on honeymoon in Finland a couple of years ago

I asked Trevor about the photograph and this is what he said;

…we stayed for 10 days in a place called kihnio. it was a log cabin holiday resort in the forest in the lake district of central finland. it was completely out of season so there was hardly anyone there, just tens of beautiful log cabins with saunas and fireplaces in the middle of the forest, surrounded by lakes. we flew into estonia and got the ferry to helsinki, stayed there for a few nights before getting the train north through finland. once we got to the resort the shop was miles away and the only way of getting there was by walking through the open forest- it was only when we got back from our first shopping trip that the manager warned us of bears and elks. so we picked up a fishing guide and attempted to fish as we were scared of going back to the shops. we never caught anything!
on the way back we stayed in estonia in tallinn for a few nights- if you haven’t already you have to go there, its just a few hours away by plane and the most beautiful medieval city, with underground ‘mama’s kitchen’ cavern style restaurants and medieval themed bars. the picture on our album cover was taken in our hotel- really just a few guest rooms above a 1920’s restaurant that doesn’t advertise- i found the place through someone’s travel journal of estonia- three beautiful art deco rooms, a sauna and it cost less than a travel lodge. go to their website and click on ‘guesthouse’- you’ll recognize the beds.
I really recommend going there for a long weekend, but don’t go when the english are on stag weekend season- they’ve caught on to how cheap it is to get there and drink there!

Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou.