Caught by the River

Our Rivers: Further Update

22nd November 2010

this just in from Nik Shelton of the RSPB. As we don’t have a forum on Caught by the River, Nik has suggested that any feedback and ideas from our readers be sent directly to him at the address below.

Hi Jeff,

It’s great to see the Our Rivers awards have been sparking some debate on the blog – we think that debate is just what is needed when it comes to the health of our rivers. Some fair points were made in your post the other day – our intention was to raise the issue and I hope we’ve achieved that. It’s obvious that the people who voted for the Thames or the Mersey as their worst river did so because they care about them and want something done about the problems they face.

Yes of course we need individuals to get stuck in and help look after their local river. But we also need the Government to take action on the big things like ensuring those who cause the pollution are held accountable for it, as well as funding conservation projects and working with farmers, land managers, developers and water companies. OK we’d much rather be down on the riverbank getting muddy than briefing politicians about the Water Framework Directive any day of the week, but we all have different parts to play on this – all of which are equally important.

This is hopefully just the beginning for our campaign, and it’s a campaign for anyone who loves rivers and the wildlife they are home to so let’s hear from you. We’re currently planning where we go from here and we’d really love to get ideas and inspiration from any Caught by the River readers and contributors who have the time to email us and say hi. A pint of finest ale to the best suggestion.

Nik Shelton
Media Officer, RSPB