Caught by the River

Around The A4074

29th December 2010

Thanks to Caught by the River reader Tom Crook for bringing this radio documentary to our attention. I really enjoyed it, and if you fancy a listen, do it soon as it’s on the iplayer for just four more days.
We are always open to things like this, so please feel free to drop us a line at, and tell us about anything that you have seen or heard in your region that you think might be of interest.

Dear Caught by the River,

as a fan of your website and book, i just wanted to tell you about a BBC podcast that sort of fits into your remit. It was on BBC Oxford on Boxing Day and is called ‘Around The A4074’ and it’s a sound diary by a girl called Felicity Ford who walked the road from Oxford to Reading, recording people and things she met along the way.

I live in a town close to the road called Wallingford where i play with a group called the Band Of Hope and Felicity asked us if we’d record something for her on the roadside. So we set up on a footbridge near the village of Dorchester and played some songs, one of which she has put into the documentary. The podcast features other musical contributions from various people who often play at Wallingford’s Acoustic Ballroom as well as an interview with the Ballroom’s organiser, Ben Smith.

Anyway, i thought the whole countryside/music combination might be of interest to Caught By The River. You can listen here…

Thanks for a great website.

Tom Crook