Caught by the River

Robert Macfarlane on a Caught by the River Book of the Year

Robert Macfarlane | 18th December 2010

Robert Macfarlane reviews the magical ‘Atlas of Remote Islands’ in The Guardian today:
The German Arts Foundation sponsors a prize which simply rewards “the most beautiful book of the year”; it is hard to imagine that the Atlas was run close for the prize when it won in 2009. It is an utterly exquisite object: atlas as Wunderkammer and bestiary, bound in black cloth and sea-blue card, its fore-edge bright orange, and its pages populated by rare creatures and lost explorers.

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(The photo above was taken from the Asylum blog. It’s worth a visit to read John Self’s review of ‘Atlas..’, and I recommend you read his review of ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They’ by Horace McCoy too. It’s a long time favourite of mine and it’s good to see that it’s in print again.)