Caught by the River

Saturn's Return

27th January 2011

Back in September, we took a Caught By The River expedition to the British Library for Landscaping, a day long series of talks on mapping. One presentation of particular interest was a talk by director Grant Gee (director of the 2006 Joy Division documentary) on his as-then unfinished film loosely based on W.G. Sebald’s Rings of Saturn. The selection of snatches from the travelogue that we were treated to followed Sebald’s footsteps, taking inspiration from the interior monologue of the book’s text. Much like the book itself, the film appeared hypnotic, trippy and not just a little discomfiting. It appeared to be a brilliant realisation of a seemingly unfilmable text but, at that point, it remained frustratingly unfinished.

A few months on and the film – Patience (After Sebald) is now complete, premiering on Friday – there’s a feature in today’s Guardian that takes the director on a stroll back through the Suffolk of Sebald’s journey. If any readers make it to the premiere, please drop us a line telling us how it is – genuinely intrigued by this one.


PS In Gee’s talk, he referenced a website that logs every location mentioned in the book via Googlemaps. If you’re interested in the book at all, this is a brilliant additional resource.