Caught by the River

Hawk Attack

27th January 2011

from Joel Stanbury:
I saw the picture of the Kestrels on your website. Beautiful! I thought I might share the following pics with you. I was tying flies in my spare bedroom and happened to look out my window and saw this hawk sitting on my fence. I slowly went and got my camera and shot these thru the window, screen and all.
When the bird heard my shutter click, he all of a sudden launched himself at the window. I jumped back and accidently pushed the shutter button, and was surprised to find that I captured his attack. He hit the window and fell to the ground. He apparently was unhurt, because he flew up into the tree. Then he disappeared.

I think he is nesting in a large pine tree in our front yard, because I see him occasionally in the trees in our backyard.

(note: these pics were taken in Lexington, Kentucky, where, unlike in the UK, the Sharp Shinned Hawk is pretty commonly found (‘like our Sparrowhawk’ said Mr Levy). Great pics though)