Caught by the River

Strom. By Nigel Peake

20th February 2011

Strom – a book of drawings made after a week in a cabin in Norway

“From above, the yellow fields still held the patterns from the summer machines and were surrounded and locked by blocks of green forest. Paths cut across the land, sometimes interrupted by and at othertimes punctuated by small red cabins.
The fjords were blue and solitary in the land, holding and reflecting the light. From the airport to the cabin, it was a drive across nameless rivers and along strands of pines, the rows and columns of which made a vertical pattern.”

this is an extract from the new book by Nigel Peake. Copies are now on sale in the Caught by the River shop priced £12.00

The drawings will be exhibited as part of the Pick Me Up exhibition in Somerset house next month. Click here for further information.