Caught by the River

Wild In The Big City: Can You Help?

28th February 2011

Readers who visit the Caught by the River shop will have noticed our stock of fantastic fold out maps produced by Herb Lester Associates. For their latest edition Herb have stepped outside of London to take a look at ‘Old New York’, once again creating something visually cool and distinctly informative, which is something we are looking to achieve in a collaborative project, provisionally titled, ‘How To Get Out Of London Without Really Trying: Where Nature Runs Wild in the Big City’.
OK, that’s maybe a bit of a mouthful, but you get the point. We are currently at the stage where the places on the list become mud on the boots and this is where we could use your help. Have a read of the brief below and, if you think you can help us out with some local knowledge, drop us a line at Much appreciated.

This is a guide to parts of London in which nature in its un-manicured state can be found: ponds, marshes, woods and patches of wasteland. Some are ancient, all but untouched by human hand, others are a happy accident, places where civilisation has lost the battle to flora and fauna. They may be large or small, popular or obscure, but all must have the capacity to transport the visitor out of the city, even if only for a few minutes.