Caught by the River

Caught by the River presents….Grasscut.

24th March 2011

Wednesday, 20th April at The Social, 5 Little Portland St, London W1

Jack Northover.
Film: The Moon & The Sledgehammer
DJ Alex Oxley

Doors open at 6.30. Film begins at 7pm. No admission during the screening. Music from 8pm.
Advance tickets £7.00 from Admission on the door £8.00.

CBTR said: “If you were to plot a perfect record to appeal to this third of Caught By The River, you couldn’t get much closer than the Grasscut LP “1 Inch / 1/2 Mile”. A grab bag of glitchy electronics, celestial harmonics, samples of W G Sebald and Ezra Pound and scratchy old 78s that comes accompanied by a plotted walk over the South Downs, Grasscut’s debut LP pushed open a door to an off-kilter world, one where the entire roster of Warp Records seemed to be fighting over the same Ordinance Survey map”

A rare showing of the documentary film, The Moon & The Sledgehammer:
CBTR said: Made in 1971 the Moon and the Sledgehammer is an extraordinary documentary about a family that live in a Sussex wood – change the vegetation and you could be watching a hillbilly family from the American deep south. Cut off from the modern world the father and his two grown-up sons spend their time tinkering with old machinery, constantly dripping shiny black oil onto rusty bits of metal. The adult daughter childishly pretends to drive a derelict old bus and plays a clapped out piano that has been left outside to rot. The soundtrack is a constant chirp of birdsong, the supporting cast a motley crew of insects, forever buzzing round heads or grimly getting stuck in the rivulets of oil, twitching furiously before they die. Everything is surrounded by leaves, hemmed in by them. Sunlight barely trickling through the walls of dark green.

Support comes from Jack Northover, a young guitar picker from East Anglia. In his music you can hear the floor creak, the owl shriek, and the back door slam. Just our thing.