Caught by the River


10th April 2011

Not technically a Pleasures of March as most of these things are around this weekend… Robin

Metronomy ‘The Look’
Don’t know much about this band, got sent the new record ‘The English Riviera’ and was drawn to this track – a kind of end-of-the-pier Bontempi soul record. The video features some really mental looking puppets of sea birds. Sold.

New Statesman
Guest editors usually bring out the worst in magazines. Invariably those ‘special’ editions nosedive toward the recycling bin before you’ve even finished the opening letter. Annie Lennox does the Observer magazine? Nah, you’re alright there. The idea of Jemima Khan putting together an issue of New Statesman didn’t exactly fill me with excitement, especially considering the roll they’re been on with recent events. Against odds, it’s ace. Khan has put together the perfect blend of pop culture and political insight. Julian Assange on why the elite have always hated the radical press; Russell Brand with a reasoned and hilarious piece on his own spirituality and Richard Dawkins; a document of Hugh Grant’s jaw dropping evening where he goes for a drink with a News International whistleblower and tapes the conversation; Jarvis on the New Labour hangover and an interview by the temporary editor with Nick Clegg (it’s the one where he recounts how his kids ask why everyone hates him). It all comes wrapped in covers by both Anish Kapoor and Damien Hirst. It’s a really brilliant issue of an always worthy read.

Lauren Laverne and The Adam & Joe show on 6 Music
Lauren‘s show never features anything less than perfect music. Last week featured Pentangle, The Fall, Stereolab and The Zombies ). Just perfect radio – and I’m not just saying that because she had us on there last week (she featured Caught By The River forty minutes into her Wednesday show, it’s still on the iPlayer). In the same slot on Saturday – returning to the airwaves not a moment too soon – are Adam & Joe. You either love ’em or you’re not arsed, I’m not sure I could convince anyone either way. Personally, I adore them. They’ve made the Saturday morning hangover slot bearable.

The Walking Dead
I raved about this when it was broadcast on FX last year. As of tonight (10/4/11), the six part series screens on Channel 5. Cannot recommend it highly enough.