Caught by the River

Thank You

25th May 2011

Today must start with a big thank you to everyone who has written to us at the site or on Facebook and Twitter telling us how much they enjoyed the ‘Remember Gene Clark’ tribute yesterday. The response has been quite overwhelming and the trouble that was taken to write us or spread the word is very much appreciated by all involved. As every music loving nut knows, turning someone on to something new brings enormous pleasure, for us the letters that started with “oh my god I had no idea…” made us incredibly happy. This one made me smile:

Morning Jeff,
I like Gene Clark Day and your fanzine looks terrific. I shall read over lunch.
Here’s a tiny memento story…
Many years ago when Eugene Kelly was supporting Nirvana as the short lived Captain America, he had five guest spaces every gig for people he met in the street, in record shops, new friends etc.
The five names on the list were the members of the Byrds.
I got the chance to go to the guest list booth at the Academy and proclaim ‘Hi I’m Gene Clark, I’m on the guest list’.
It still amuses me to this day.

We were hoping to get the fanzine up on here today but I have a feeling that our technical genius is a bit overworked right now and that it might take a day or so longer for him to sort it. So, if you didn’t get one delivered yesterday, hang tight, it’s coming.