Caught by the River

Oliver Kite

26th May 2011

note taken from YouTube: A tribute to Oliver Kite Pt.1 of 8. Extremely rare footage taken from the long deleted video of Ollie’s only existing TV shows at Southern Television in the 1960’s. Completely captivating and charming films of a master countryman, broadcaster, naturalist, writer and fisherman – a great influence on those fortunate to have met and worked with him. He (along with producer Ted Channell) were among the pioneers of today’s popular nature TV programmes.

The existence of this footage has only recently come to my attention. It’s wonderful stuff and Oliver Kite is obviously quite a character.
I must confess I know nothing about the guy other than what I have read on the web since discovering the film. He seems to have been a much loved and respected man but I’ve also read some words to contrary. I would like to know more. So if anyone reading would care to enlighten me please drop me a line at (Jeff)