Caught by the River

Wild River, Cold Stone

7th May 2011

A film of Dartmoor by Chris Chapman and Kate King (three minute extract from the sixty minute film)

In July 2007 photographer and film maker Chris Chapman and film maker Kate King set up The Dartmoor Film Project to produce an independent film about Dartmoor.
The result of this two-year collaboration is the film Wild River, Cold Stone which charts the history of the moor and its people. A beautiful mixture of music, poetry, stories of life and landscape, it captures the true spirit of Dartmoor.
Chris Chapman’s stunning camera-work, often the result of hours of patient waiting in all weathers, paints an evocative picture of Dartmoor in all its glory whilst acknowledging the adversities of life on the moor.
Avoiding the convention of a narrator, the story of the land and its people is told, without sentimentality, through the voices of archaeologists, historians, a geologist and those whose families have worked the land for generations.


Extracts from “Dartmoor Symphony”, “Requiem — Well of Souls”, “Dartmoor Journey” and specially composed music by Nigel Shaw.
“Kitty Jay” and “Cape Clear” by kind permission of Seth Lakeman.


Extract from “Dart” by Alice Oswald
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