Caught by the River

Seasons Greetings

16th June 2011

“It was June 16, opening day of the traditional coarse fishing season, a moment in the calendar that, incredibly, I have somehow managed to preserve and savour ever since I first went fishing, on a bicycle, half a century ago. I’m fortunate to have access to a number of lakes and ponds where the close season continues to be observed but, ever since the Environment Agency bowed to pressure from the commercial fisheries lobby, the majority of stillwaters and canals (but not rivers) are now open for angling throughout the year. This is not only bad fishery management; it has left a younger generation with no awareness of the Christmas Day magic that was the Glorious Sixteenth. For me and many like-minded angling retros, the magic still exists because by taking a three-month break our spirits are wild for the water again as the new season comes around.” Words of wisdom from our patron saint, Chris Yates.

Wishing all of our angling friends nine very happy months on the bank.

(the rest of CY’s article can be read here).