Caught by the River

Stag Movies

9th October 2011

After Wednesday’s brief round up of the previous nights entertainment known as The Caught by the River Social Club at The Stag, we are delighted to be able to follow up on that and actually share some of the evenings highlights with you, thanks to the phone camera handiwork of audience member and CBTR reader, Mr James Chudley.

On the morning after the night before, James gave us a very nice surprise by telling us that he’d edited the film and that it would be with us later that day. This news pleased us immensely as we had no idea that any recording existed. James also said very nice things about the site (describing it as a ‘cultural compass’ – we like that, thank you) and promising us an article or two based on fond memories of his time behind the counter of the tackle shop he worked in as a kid. Sounds great, James, we are looking forward to it.

Here goes then: three clips featuring the wit & wisdom of Mr Chris Yates. Starring (from l-r), Chris Yates, Luke Jennings and Charles Rangeley. Chairman, John Andrews, is off camera to the far right, plus photos by Nick Fallowfield-Cooper.