Caught by the River

Earth Music Bristol

20th November 2011

I have only just become aware of the Earth Music festival taking place between now and 26 November in Bristol, which is a shame as it looks like something that would be of interest to us and our readers and I’d have liked to have given notice. Most of the events seem to be taking place in the city’s St. George’s Hall and information on the programme can be found on their website.

For those of us unable to pay a visit, Tim Dee, is producing a series of ‘Essays’ which will be broadcast live from the festival each night this week. Amongst the author/readers are Richard Mabey, Tim Birkhead, Nathalie Seddon, Geoff Sample and Paul Farley, and they can be heard on BBC Radio 3, Monday 21 November to Friday 25 November between 10.45-11.00pm. Further information can be found on the BBC website.

If anyone reading this happens to be going along we’d love to get some feedback. Please feel free to drop us a note or a review to

1.Richard Mabey reads The Glee Instinct
2.Tim Birkhead on Birdsong
3.Composer Edward Cowie shares his enthusiasm for lyre and bell birds.
4. Bird song recordist Geoff Sample explores whether birds sings symphonically.
5. Poet and writer Paul Farley explores why a bittern can sound like reggae. (I did not make this one up)