Caught by the River

Ghosts of Gone Birds: Nov 2nd – 23rd

2nd November 2011

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The Ghosts exhibition opens today and having been lucky enough to have seen it already we can’t recommend it highly enough. It really is an incredible exhibition. The scale of it is immense, the quality of the work is breathtaking and the message is loud and clear: give a shit, or many of the birds we take for granted today are going the way of these guys. Ceri Levy, his colleagues at Good Pilot and the hundred plus artists involved should be commended for creating something so vital and fantastic. It’s on at the Rochelle School, in Shoreditch, East London until November 23rd. Make a special trip, you really shouldn’t miss it.

When Ceri approached the artist Ralph Steadman, he did so as a fan, and like most of us I guess, that fandom began when he first picked up a copy of Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas. Ralph proceeded to blow Ceri’s mind by not only painting most of the species on the (extinction) list but by making a load up as well. In fact, he has done so many that he has a room in the exhibition all to himself. Here’s Ceri and Ralph discussing Ghosts on yesterdays edition of the Today programme .

The time and energy that Ceri has put into Ghosts should explain why we’ve not had a Bird Effect Diary for a while. Hopefully it will be back with us soon but in the meantime you can read about the conception of the project in previous diary posts by clicking HERE.