Caught by the River

Kurt Jackson: Recent Work

13th November 2011

Caught by the River contributor Kurt Jackson has a new exhibition at the Redfern gallery in Cork St, London opening on 15th November and running until 26th January.

Press release:

Embracing an extensive range of materials and techniques, Jackson’s paintings are fluent, dynamic and exciting, resulting from a working method that is both challenging and intense. Whether working from his home county of Cornwall or elsewhere, Jackson’s paintings are set in places that he has travelled to and explored regularly throughout his life. He has a deep and rich understanding of natural history, ecology, politics and environmental issues; his works record a time and place and a way of life – a geography where past and present co exist.

Jackson comments: “Capturing a fleeting impression doesn’t interest me. In all my paintings the aim is to convey my feelings and sense of awareness in that particular environment.”

Unlike many of his shows which tend to focus on one body of work, this exhibition brings together a number of strands, a series of small projects – Cape Cornwall; St Agnes, Scilly Isles; the Dordogne & Isle Rivers, France; The Stour River, Dorset; and Ithaca, Greece. Huge sheet-sized canvases, small intimate studies, plein air and studio work, sculpture, etchings and jewellery all feature.

An exhibition catalogue is available with an introduction by Dr Robert Macfarlane. He writes: “The paintings exhibited here constitute an autobiography of a kind, except that they tell not Jackson’s life-history, but his life-geography.”