Caught by the River

Nik Cohn in the New York Times

10th December 2011

News that Nik Cohn is alive and (kind of) well came in the form of a New York Times profile piece last week. Perhaps not the most inspired of interviews, at least we get word that King Cohn is in a good place and working on a new book (fiction, spanning the past 50 years, working title, Dirty Pictures). Good news for the converted.
For those of you yet to be broadsided by this mans way with words may I suggest you start with his most recent book, Tricksta, and follow that with a dive into the treasure trove that is the Ball The Wall anthology, where you will find, if push comes to shove, what is my favourite essay of his, Today There Are No Gentlemen. (JB)

New York Times Profile.
Bob Stanley discussing Nik Cohn with Andrew Loog Oldham on Caught by the River.