Caught by the River

A Mardle at The Museum of English Rural Life

21st January 2012

Field Work: Photographs from East Anglia by Justin Partyka

As part of The Museum of English Rural Life’s exhibition of the work of photographer Justin Partyka, A ‘mardle’ will be taking place this Tuesday evening, between 6 – 7.30pm.

This ‘mardle’ will see Justin Partyka in conversation with fellow Norfolk writer and artist, Jonathan P. Watts. They will examine Justin’s inspiration and discuss his commitment to photographing rural East Anglia. Slides of his work will reveal how the medium of photography can become a way to explore a sense of place. ‘Mardle’ is a dialect word from Norfolk and Suffolk and means to have a gossip. After their initial conversation Justin and Jonathan will encourage the audience to join in and have a mardle with them.

Tickets £3. book in advance

The exhibition runs until 22 April. Further information can be found HERE.