Caught by the River


21st February 2012

Birds on the Wharfe: 5×5 from Benjamin Lewis on Vimeo.

When Caught by the River reader Benjamin Lewis sent us in this film, he did so with a letter that contained a very good idea:

I have been a regular reader of your wonderful site for a couple of years now, and find it a welcome diversion from the stresses of real life!

I have recently bought a video camera and spent a morning this weekend filming birds along a stretch of the River Wharfe in the Yorkshire Dales. I made a short video, stitching together some of the scenes which I shot and uploaded it to Vimeo.
The video is naive and amateur, and in no way a definitive portrait of that part of the river, however I feel that in it’s own way it captures some facet my experience of walking along the Wharfe on a January morning.

Whilst my video may not be fantastic, I’m sure that some of your other readers could make similar, more accomplished snapshot portraits. If everyone were to tag their video ‘caught by the river’ then an interesting group of short river videos may emerge, reflecting the diversity of rivers in the UK and the diversity of responses which people have to them.

Just a thought…

A good thought, and one that we have decided to run with.

Remixing Benjamin’s idea a wee bit, we have come up with a suggestion for all Caught by the River readers with an interest in wildlife photography and filmmaking:

Make a film no more than 60 seconds in length. Either a one-shot piece or a collection of edits, we don’t mind. Upload it to Vimeo, tagged Caught by the River, and then send the link to us at

We will host our favourites on a new Caught by the River Vimeo page (Picturetones) and our very favourites on the site itself.
This might not be without teething troubles so we ask in advance for your patience. We just hope you are interested!