Caught by the River

A handful of names added to our Port Eliot line-up

Ben McCormick | 23rd April 2012

We’re extremely proud and dead excited (in roughly equal measures) to announce a handful of additions to our already packed Port Eliot line up.

On Friday afternoon, the Caught by the River stage will be offering a tribute to the humble pub as well as all things pint shaped. Pete Brown, the country’s greatest beer writer, will be talking and reading from his new book Shakespeare’s Local: A History of Britain Through One Pub. In addition, Caught by the River’s Robin Turner will be reading from his recently published book about Orwell’s still resonant piece on pubs and the current state of British boozers (The Search for the Perfect Pub: Looking for the Moon Under Water) and Pint by the River contributor Ben McCormick will be on hand to eulogize whatever ales you.

On Saturday afternoon, Laura Beatty (author of Caught by the River favourite Pollard) will be reading from her hugely anticipated new novel Darklings.

Additional music comes from The Memory Band On Friday who will play two very different sets over the weekend. Friday lunchtime they play their own music while the night before (7pm on Thursday), they will perform one of their much-lauded Folk on Film sets. This multi-media performance “celebrates and re-creates majestic moments when artists from the post-war British folk revival brought their talents to bear in motion pictures and helped to indelibly define so much of our visual perceptions and collective memory of folk music.” The set will include songs featured in such classic films as Far From The Madding Crowd, Moby Dick, The Innocents, Barry Lyndon and Polanski’s version of Macbeth as well as selected pieces from The Wicker Man which together create a haunting, beguiling and highly seductive version of folk music.

There’s still one or two things left to announce – in the meantime, tickets are available here.