Caught by the River

On The Radio

4th April 2012

Chris Eyles writes:

It’s me again with a couple of radio tip offs.
Radio 4’s ‘Book of the Week’ is The Great Animal Orchestra:
‘A fascinating and unique exploration of nature’s music, from plants and animals to wind and rain’

And starting today at 11 am (also R4) is a new series of Nature:
To find out why our woodpeckers have experienced very different fortunes, Brett Westwood visits the Wyre Forest on the Worcestershire/Shropshire border.

I used to always listen to this programme on a Monday night driving home from college, but seem to regularly miss it these days. Last night being a good example. Everyone had gone to bed early and I was sitting listening to the mantel-clock ticking as I wrote up last season’s fishing diary. I had convinced myself that Nature was on at 11 pm. I flicked the radio on, only to catch a rather tedious repeat episode of Word of Mouth. However it was followed by another programme I heard before but was glad to listen to again – an episode of Lives In A Landscape featuring a remarkable chip shop in Glasgow.

As it’s school hols and the monkey is a bit poorly I can at least catch up on them both today as an antidote to housework.

Best wishes.