Caught by the River

Five Today

22nd May 2012

Yesterday, Robin and I visited the tourist village of Portmeirion in north Wales. An icon of popular culture and most famously known as the location for the cult ’60’s tv programme, The Prisoner, we were there for a production meeting with the organisers of Festival Number 6, a music and arts festival that’s happening there in September and to which we have been given a stage to programme.

With some time to kill before we were needed and the most sunshine we’ve had in ages, the only thing to do was plot up on the lawn in front of the hotel and watch as the water left the estuary of the Afon Dwyryd. We drank a couple of bottles of a fantastic local ale (Purple Moose brewery’s Cwrw Glaslyn) and realised that we really shouldn’t complain. about anything. Ever again. It was the eve of our birthday and we sat reflecting on the journey we’ve had in the five years since posting some words of wisdom from Thames angler Peter Stone alongside a picture of a perch and a bait tin.

We’ve been lucky enough to meet some fantastic people along the way and to learn a ton of stuff about subjects that were barely on our radar back when we posted the perch picture.

So, yes, the five years so far have been good. This Friday night, we get to celebrate our birthday in the company of our friends and contributors; some old friends, some we’ve met after brazenly emailing them and asking if they’d write for the site, some who came to us saying they like what we do. We’d love it if you wanted to join us all for a birthday drink.

Caught by the River Variety Show

7pm doors – the music section

MC Roy Wilkinson

Richard King reads from How Soon Is Now: The Mavericks and the Madmen Who Made Independent Music 1975 – 2005

Tim Burgess reads from his autobiography Telling Stories plus conversation with Ben Marshall

Roy Wilkinson reads from his book Do It For Your Mum

live music from Diagrams

8.45 interval

9.00 – the outdoors section

MC John Andrews

Will Burns reads a couple of his poems

Michael Smith reads Oysteropolis, his contribution to On Nature

John Andrews reads from A Collection of Words on Water

Chris Yates reads from Nightwalk, plus conversation with Dan Kieran

Robert Macfarlane reads from his new book, The Old Ways, over a specially created, and live mixed, sound bed by Chris Watson

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