Caught by the River

Duck Call

25th June 2012

John Andrews took me fishing on one of his favourite Surrey stillwaters on Friday. We had a good day, in fact I had one of the most enjoyable, and fruitful, afternoons on the water for a long time. The company was good, the roach were plentiful and even the crucians made an appearance. John has documented it in words and pictures on his blog, here.

One thing John doesn’t mention though is the unfortunate incident of the duckling and the fishing line. A very young and incredibly enthusiastic newborn, as yet unaware of any danger, was constantly going for my loose feed. It’s mother had been honking warning and I’d been shooing it away, but the daft little thing wasn’t having it and, as alert as I was, it still managed to get it’s leg caught on my line. As you can see in the photo John got in and freed it and thankfully no harm was done. It’s impossible for me to think higher of John than I already do but he did that instinctively and immediately. The act of one true angler. (Jeff)