Caught by the River

Robert Macfarlane's Desert Island Books

Robert Macfarlane | 6th June 2012

It’s good to see Robert Macfarlane’s just published book, The Old Ways: A Journey On Foot, being so well covered in the press. The reviews have been full of praise and below we link to a couple that we think are particularly worth reading (not forgetting Caught by the River’s review by Rebecca Harvey published here yesterday).

Adam Nicolson for The Telegraph.

Alexandra Harris for The Guardian.

Here Robert tells Marissa Chan of The Huffington Post the ten titles that he’d take with him to the desert island of the mind.

We do however have to take the Post to task for somehow being so thick as to state that The Old Ways, “..has already been hailed by Roger Deakin as “adventurous, passionate, [and] intensely romantic”. I’m sure if Roger were alive to read it (and wouldn’t that be great) he’d be so proud of his old friend’s achievement that he’d say exactly that.