Caught by the River

Roll Out The Barrel at the Montpelier

19th June 2012

Tomorrow night (Weds 20th June), we’ll be doing a second Roll Out The Barrel night with our friends at the BFI and Sambrooks Brewery as well as the good folks from the Pub History Society. We’ll be taking over the backroom of the Montpelier pub in Peckham (click here for the address) on the longest night of the year for talks, films and booze. If you haven’t already checked out the DVD, it’s staggeringly good – a window onto a world now long since gone. Together they make up a collection of moving snapshots of just how pubs used to be back in ‘the good old days’ when pubs were solid, gloamy, smoky constants in an ever turning world.

Hopefully we’ll see some of you down there for a few beers tomorrow.

You can buy the Roll Out The Barrel on DVD here.