Caught by the River

The Broken Arms

28th July 2012

Rough Trade East celebrate the Olympics inna pub style. Pints will be pulled, games will be played and books will be on sale:

Here at Rough Trade we take pride in being what Ian Fleming called gentlemen sportsmen. Challenge us to a game of cricket, golf, or tennis and we’ll not only “play up” with the verve and sportsmanship that mark out the true intellectual athlete, but we’ll also be wearing the right clothes to do so in. However, this summer, we’ve become aware of a startling new sporting event dominating the newspapers (remember them?). This isn’t standing around in natty white trousers drinking weak squash waiting for sandwiches and cakes to be served. This is grown men and women, running. In lycra for crying out loud. These people don’t look like any of our sporting heroes. There’s no Neil Ruddock or Freddie Flintoff types coming to Stratford from what I can see. So. In order to ensure that one corner of East London at least remains an enclave of true sporting integrity, we bring you… The Rough Trade Tournament. A sporting extravaganza that absolutely, positively does not preclude the imbibing of alcohol, or insist on the watching of diets, the sculpting of bodies, the maintaining of fitness. This is real sport and it’s taking place in Rough Trade’s very own pub… ‘The Broken Arms’.

more details here.