Caught by the River

Beer Bods

Ben McCormick | 15th August 2012

Saw something that caught my eye online at the weekend – an online beer club where you (and fellow subscribers) are sent a selection of brews that get drunk once a week and discussed with other club members via the world wide web. I mailed Matt from said club – Beer Bods – and asked him why and how…

“BeerBods subscribers are sent 12 bottles of beer in the post, every 12 weeks. We all drink one bottle of beer from a small, independent brewery, every week. We also send you the story behind that beer and tell you all about the fine folk that made it. The power of the internet and a bit of clever logistics means everyone drinks the same beer each week, because a beer shared with friends always tastes better.

“I launched BeerBods because I love beer. I love beer with a story behind it. I love beer made by small, local, independent breweries; the kind that put their hearts, souls and ideas in to what they are making. I love beer that reflects where it was made and who it was made by. I love beer that makes you think about what’s in it. I love beer that you can chat about with friends. This is my idea to get more people drinking that kind of beer.”

You can find out more about Beer Bods or just take the plunge and join up here.