Caught by the River

Nick's Pics

Nick Small | 7th August 2012

Words and picture by Nick Small.

“This Scepter’d Isle….this precious stone set in the silver sea”

I’ve been lucky enough to earn my living for the last few months, travelling to the farthest corners of Britain, capturing images of the beautiful and diverse landscapes in our back yard. I’m just staggered by the riches we’re blessed with.

This particular gem is a channel between the Scottish mainland and a small island about half a mile from Plockton on the west coast of Scotland. This was mid-summer’s night. It could be the Yukon, It could be some pine clad Norwegian fjord….but it’s not. It’s on our door step.

The weather may be what drives us away, on jet planes, to far flung places as we search for Shangri-la / an all inclusive resort (delete as appropriate)…but I’m more convinced than ever now that we’re missing a trick when we bugger off.

Having said that, my next missive will be from Lapland and, if my luck holds out, it will involve a sizeable trout.

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