Caught by the River

The Wellsbourne Society

16th September 2012

Mathew Clayton with word from West Sussex:

Next Thursday David Bramwell and me are putting on another Wellsbourne Society night in Brighton. Our theme is the history of cinema in the town. David is going to be talking about sisters Daisy and Violet Hilton who starred in the 1932 film Freaks, Sarah Tobias will be explaining the role Hove played in the early years of cinema, a young man by the name of Frank will be sharing his incredible film archive and I will be explaining how Sting killed my Aunt Dora.

My co-conspirator David has also made this great little programme for Radio Three, that i think Caught by the River readers will enjoy, about David King who forecasts the weather by observing nature. Listen here.

Wellsbourne Society, 8pm, Thursday 20th September.The Latest Music Bar, Manchester St, Brighton. Tickets £5 on sale here.