Caught by the River

Pub Talk

8th October 2012

Belated thanks to Mr. Mike Greenwood of the BBC for taking the time to meet with John Andrews and I in The Southampton Arms Ale & Cider House this week. Along with notebook and tape recorder Mr. Greenwood came with questions concerning the history and purpose of Caught by the River and it’s position of influence today, most specifically on the subject of words on water. John was, of course, his usual eloquent self and I listened, flattered, to his lyrical and generous words about the space/place that he believes we have created. I couldn’t have put it better myself. No, really I couldn’t. John, your input, support and friendship is very highly valued. Thank you.

The radio programme that Mr. Greenwood is making is about angling writing, not in the ‘how to’ fashion but in the more meditative, literary fashion, so, it was only right that, following our chat, he asked John if he could record a reading from his book, For All Those Left Behind, a book published ten years ago this month, which you will always find in stock on the Caught by the River shelf at Rough Trade East.

News of when the documentary is to be broadcast will be posted as soon as we know. (JB)

Andrews of Arcadia.