Caught by the River

Ralph Steadman / Ceri Levy Book Launch at Rough Trade East

1st October 2012

When Ralph Steadman was asked to depict one extinct bird for an art show he was unable to stop creating bird after bird. Extinct Boids tells the story of that unstoppable creativity. The remarkable art in this book include Steadman’s unique interpretations of well-known birds such as the Great Auk and Dodo, along with less familiar creatures like the Snail-eating Coua, Nasty Tern and Needless Smut, all with a riot of colour and a slice of trademark Steadman humour. How this work came into being and developed has been documented by filmmaker and Caught by the River writer Ceri Levy, and his writing gives us an insight into the unique world of a unique artist. Come and meet the two of them and hear them discuss the book, birds and boids in an evening of entertainment at Rough Trade East on November 1st.

More info on the event here.