Caught by the River

Postcard From Brighton

11th November 2012

Dear Jeff – just a quick note to say thanks to everyone that made last Wednesday night’s magazine launch such a success. The bar at the Pelirocco was packed tight from the start to the end. Thanks are due to our dj’s Andrew Phillips and Richard Norris and our four incredible acts; Oddfellow’s Casino, Justin Saltmeris, Grasscut and the Order of the Twelve.

Further thanks due to all at the Pelirocco, H2 sound hire and Abi and Luke from the University of the Creative Arts. Apologies due to Paul Farrington from the Brighton Swimming Club, who contibuted a great article to the magazine, but i forgot to tell about the party.

Grasscut are playing at the Green Door Store in Brighton this Thursday.


Mathew and Frank

Here is Justin singing with Sophie Madeline