Caught by the River

A Few More Reasons To Pay The License Fee

19th December 2012

Reader Andy Townsend got in touch to give the heads up on a few things that have gone up on the iPlayer that Caught by the River readers might find interesting.

“Been a while since I mailed but these three things all popped up in the last few days and all seem to be very CBTR friendly. The Beeb has been taking a bit of a kicking recently but I think these all show it at it’s best:

Listening Project Symphony – conversations set to a live soundtrack. It shouldn’t work but it does. Great radio.

The Unthanks – explore Britains winter customs.

R4 Book of the week is Pete Brown’s latest.

Not had a chance to listen to the radio links but watched the Unthanks programme and can only say it was absolute class – a beautiful hour of television. I’d also add to the list the Timeshift programme ‘When Wrestling Was Golden’ which took me back to my Grandmother’s front room and Saturday afternoons bored in front of the only thing that was on the telly. Seems as a pre-teen I was missing out on the complex lattice of utter insanity that ran right the way through the sport.