Caught by the River

The River Weaver

Mat Bingham | 19th January 2013

Vale Royal Locks IMG_1150 (sharpened)

Words and picture by Mat Bingham.

The photo is of the sluice gates on the River Weaver. I took this last year in January on a very cold morning. The weather had been relatively mild followed by a brief cold spell so I knew I had a good chance of the mists rising on the river. This is one of my favourite spots as it is not fished very often so I usually have it all to myself. The Kingfishers some years nest in the steep banks where the river widens downstream of the sluice and I have found Otter spraint on a submerged tree close by. There is a man who I sometimes see fishing for Pike underneath the willow. He tells me he has fished at this spot for over twenty years although I have never seen him catch anything. He probably just likes the location like me.

Mat Bingham photography.