Caught by the River

The Wolf Tracker

26th February 2013

Hi Jeff,

I just heard a programme on the radio that I thought would be of interest to Caught by the River readers:

There are officially around 270 wolves living wild in Sweden. For some reason, this was considered a large enough number for the Swedish environmental agency to license limited hunting every year from 2010. This month, however, the annual “cull” was halted in the Swedish courts, which is pretty good news if you are a wolf with a target on your arse.

Anyhow, Radio 4’s Living World this week features Chris Sperring joining up with a wolf-friendly tracker who guides Chris, and us, through a wolfy narrative left in the snow in the shape of various animal tracks. It’s a fascinating glimpse into their life in the Swedish forests, underlining their importance to the ecosystem and it’s up on the BBC iPlayer.

All the best,

Nick (Small)