Caught by the River

Listening Pleasures

4th March 2013

Last week’s Pleasures post (25 February) prompted a couple of readers to let us know of other recent radio broadcasts they thought might be of interest.

Andy Townsend, a reliable source of information since the early days of Caught by the River, suggested Crossing The Bay, a BBC Radio 4 programme from a couple of weeks ago: In a walk across the dangerous sands of Morecambe Bay, poet Paul Farley collapses time and journeys into the shifting geography of this most indeterminate of English places. Listen on the iPlayer.

James McNaught tuned in to the BBC series, Another Saturday Night, and enjoyed listening to the reading of a Willy Vlautin story so much that he decided to spread the word. As you might well know from reading us over the years, we are big fans of the words of Willy Vlautin and the fact that this story is based upon on the characters from a Tom Waits song had us heading straight on over to the iPlayer. We recommend you follow suit sharpish as I think it’s days are numbered.

And we’ll end this post with a heads up to tune into BBC Radio 4 every morning this week to listen to Tracey Thorn reading from her memoir, Bedsit Disco Queen, Radio 4’s Book of the Week and the Caught by the River Book of the Month.