Caught by the River

Waxwings in Tunbridge Wells

31st March 2013

waxwings in Tunbridge Wells

Hello Caught by the River,

Ceri’s post about Waxwings in Bracknell reminded me of a marvellous sighting we had recently of 20 or so in a small tree not 30 yards from our front door in Tunbridge Wells. We had just left the house for a stroll in the shy winter sunshine and immediately came upon this majestic sight, couldn’t believe our eyes, they flitted about for a short while from tree to tree and were then off over the roofs of the semi’s. If we’d messed about in the house collecting scarfs and hats for another minute we would have missed them altogether, it lifted our spirits for the rest of the weekend.

all the best,
Graeme Montague