Caught by the River

Antidote Issue 6 – Out Now

4th July 2013


If we’re looking for the link between Caught by the River and field recordings, it all goes back to Chris Watson. Not long after the site started, we found his name cropping up with remarkable regularity. From the masterful documentaries made with Roger Deakin for Radio 4 to his work recording glaciers for Sigur Ros, he was everywhere during our formative years; so much so that a meeting of minds seemed somehow preordained. Chris wrote a chapter for our first booked, Words on Water and kindly – and brilliantly – added sound beds to podcasts from that book (they’re all up as free downloads in the iTunes store).

When it came to putting together our second collection (On Nature), Sarah Blunt – Chris’ producer at Radio 4 – recommended we speak to Cheryl Tipp, the curator of wildlife sound recordings at the British Library. Cheryl’s piece on how to listen to nature was so fantastic that she very quickly became a mainstay of the site, another person who helped round out our website about ‘angling and bankside conversations’ into something that touches on all aspects of the natural world. It’s why we asked Cheryl to edit this latest edition of An Antidote to Indifference.

Summer’s here, no better time to get out there and tune into Great Britain.

Edited by long time Caught by the River contributor Cheryl Tipp, designed by Carol Briggs and beautifully illustrated by Rose Forshall, issue 6 of An Antidote to Indifference is now available from the Caught by the River shop. We’re really proud of this one.