Caught by the River

The Needle and The Damage Done

27th July 2013

beach flyer v2A solo cross stitch exhibition by Pete Fowler

Long time Caught by the River collaborator and friend Pete Fowler has an exhibition of his cross stitch work coming up in London. Having seen some of the work already, we can assure you it’s a total and utter trip – really worth crossing the tracks for. Read on to see the press release for Pete’s show.

Beach London is delighted to present a new solo exhibition by London-based artist Pete Fowler.

Known for his psychedelia-inspired character design, Fowler’s work has, over the years, taken to a wide variety of media – most notably toy designs, large-scale acrylic paintings and music videos for the likes of the Horrors and Super Furry Animals.

‘The Needle and The Damage Done’ is a body of new and original cross-stitch embroidery made during 2013. Colourful and psychedelic pieces, featuring Fowler’s traditionally outlandish juxtaposition of subject matter; Landscapes, UFOs, Sailors, Roadies, Synths and Owls eschew the craft-like subject matter one would normally associate with the medium.

The show’s title is a light-hearted comparison between the zeal with which Fowler took to the medium and Neil Young’s 1972 track of the same name about his band’s heroin abuse.

For a catalogue of available artwork, please contact