Caught by the River


14th July 2013

Thought I’d pass on a couple of heads up emails about forthcoming radio shows (gratefully received from Andy Childs and Ross Macfarlane respectively).

Firstly, on this coming Sunday (July 14th) from noon to 1pm on Radio 3, the Private Passions programme features guest Robert Macfarlane heading to an uninhabited island just off the coast of Suffolk.

Elsewhere, a recently broadcast documentary about the Welsh supernatural writer Arthur Machen. Says Ross, “It’s worth your while: it includes a trudge through Abney Park Cemetery and an amazing cameo from a nightjar recorded in Wales.” Always strange reading people giving props to Arthur Machen these days as my mum started the first Arthur Machen Society from the writer’s home of Caerleon back in the mid ’80s. Membership included Iain Sinclair, Barry Humphries and a then-very-lucid Mark E. Smith. Now hugely inspirational (Machen, not mum) on everyone from Stewart Lee to Ghost Box.