Caught by the River

Stanley Donwood Exhibition

29th August 2013


Stanley says:

I’m ‘pleased’ to announce that I will be returning to 8 Greek Street in Soho (the London one) once more, to exhibit what I’m hoping people will one day refer to as my ‘tree period’ work. I have been painting ‘scenes from nature’, and ‘pastoral vistas’. None of the work, however, was painted ‘en plein air’ and none of the drawings were either. My technique consists of going outdoors and staying there for some time, and only making pictures when I’ve been back indoors for even longer and forgotten everything. I am not one of those persons wearing a smock painting at an easel in some beauty spot.

Anyway, enough about me. There will be more than twenty drawings in the show, including all the original sketches, drawings and finished pieces for Holloway, the book I made last summer with Robert Macfarlane, Dan Richards and Richard Lawrence. There will also be a new suite of large graphite on paper works called Avenues, as well as the largest holloway drawing I’ve done and a pen and ink drawing that was so painstaking and took so fucking long that the glue from the tape holding it onto a bit of hardboard melted onto the paper. (continued on Stan’s site)

A selection of letterpress print images from the book Holloway by Stanley Donwood, Robert Macfarlane and Dan Richards can be bought from the Caught by the River shop.