Caught by the River

Podcast of the Week – Crackleton Manor

30th August 2013


This was in our Twitter feed this morning:

#Hipsters – this is the podcast you can say you were listening to BEFORE it got really popular: … Recordings 1902-1950

so naturally, we were curious – sad right? Our interest was ramped up a notch by noticing that their tweets are followed by our friends and collaborators, The Memory Band and The London Sound Survey – sonic adventurers of the highest order. Anyway, who cares, it’s genius.

Each podcast has a theme – this week its a ‘back to school’ special – and the constant thread is that they feature a broad selection of recordings – of musical styles from all continents – dating from the period 1902 – 1950. The main guy behind it, Sir Ernest Crackleton (that’s him in the photo), describes himself as a “heroic explorer of pre-1951 sound reproductions”. Who’s to argue.

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