Caught by the River

Dylan Thomas on my Mind

8th December 2013

This email from our good friend and festival DJ Stephen ‘Spoonful’ Parker is definitely one for sharing.

Dylan Thomas Sleeve 2

Hello Jeff,

Dylan Thomas has been a bit of a theme this week. What with your lovely 45 ringing out it prompted me to listen his reading of A Child’s Christmas. Also I heard the news that Stan Tracey died. The Guardian obituary (by Richard Williams) included a YouTube clip to Starless and Bible Black. I don’t think music can get more beautiful than this can it ?

There should always be at least 20 minutes at Christmas to sit down and listen to this, preferably as close to the day as possible. I salvaged it from Hackney Library when it closed down to make way for the ill-fated Ocean. A bit of a result as I also took home a couple of British Jazz records, 25p each !

I can just remember big old uncles who would turn up around this time towering over me in dark suits smelling of fags and getting half a crown and a pat on the head.

Hope all’s well.


Dylan notes