Caught by the River

A Soundmap of London Canals and Minor Rivers

30th January 2014

An auditory tribute to Harry Beck’s Underground map, the skeleton which has long lent shape to the city in the minds of Londoners. Here sounds were collected from along London’s canals and lesser rivers. Completed in March 2012.

Visit the London Sound Survey site, click on a placename to hear its sounds and read about the recording.

Ian Rawes’ soundmap appears to have gone viral this week so we thought we should join in and either introduce or remind our non-social media addicted readers of this outstanding work of art. Seriously, it’s something else on every level, but be warned, once you’re inside the site the sounds of London past and present will play tricks with time and you can forget about doing anything else for a while.

This map is just one among many and the archive that Ian has built is breathtaking in it’s size and historic importance. Watch this space early next week for an exclusive look at a brand new London Sound Survey soundmap.