Caught by the River

Name This River *

4th March 2014

bloke copy

This photo, discovered in a 1954 copy of Country Fair magazine, has created a lot of interest since we made it our Facebook profile picture last week. There are several questions that come to my mind but the most asked has been “do we know the location?”. Well, the answer is, we have no idea at all. We wondered if any of you might. A reward will be offered for information leading to full identification of the river, where exactly it is and who the old fella might be. Answers on an email to, reference “old fella”.

* The river has been identified. Thanks to Jeremy Brooks and Lee JM for dropping us a line to tell us that it’s The Great Ouse Tanners Quay, Saint Ives, Cambridgeshire. As to who the old fella is we are sadly none the wiser.

With rivers in mind (and a day off booked for Friday) may we take this opportunity to wish all our UK based angling readers all the best and tight lines for the last week (or so) of the season. If you fancy letting us know how you got on drop us an email to reference ‘end of season’.