Caught by the River

New Kurt Jackson exhibition

27th March 2014


Regular Caught by the River contributor Kurt Jackson showcases a series of paintings re-visiting the isles of Scilly, off the coast of his West Cornish home, for a new exhibition.

It runs from Saturday 5th April at 10am until Monday May 5th at the Campden Gallery in Gloucestershire.

As Kurt says;  “Islands have always held a particular fascination for me – the world as a microcosm with all that adaption, independence and interdependence in isolation…When I step out of my studio door or look out of the kitchen window Scilly is sitting there on the skyline 28 miles out to sea, beckoning, reminding me of their presence and inviting me back.”

See some of Kurt’s work on Caught by the River here. He also joins us at Port Eliot.

And as synchronicity would have it, it just so happens that issue 9 of our fanzine is island themed. Watch this space in the coming weeks for full editorial disclosure…