Caught by the River

Pint By The River – Brewdog V The World

4th May 2014


If you’re a beer drinker, you’re bound to have an opinion on Brewdog. They famously had a spat with CAMRA after the society ditched them from the Great British Beer Festival (my dad’s proper CAMRA mates won’t go in their many pubs – their loss). They did a load of bonkers promotion for a Putin-baiting beer around the Sochi Olympics.. And now they’ve gone head to head with independent complaints panel The Portman Group over a supposed breach of the alcohol marketing code. Their statement is fantastic – a proper how-to/fuck-you. For what it’s worth, we at Caught by the River are beer drinkers and we reckon Brewdog brew some of the most consistently brilliant pints in the UK at the moment. No point calling a beer Punk if you’re not going to walk it, is there?